The 12-Step Guide To Building An Online Coaching Practice

Tim Brownson has been a full-time coach since 2005 and built two successful online coaching practices. His latest b12-Step Guide To Building An Online Coaching PracticeIt’s tough being a successful coach.

But as you finished the 7-Step guide you are clearly committed and well on your way.

However, how about I help you a bit more with The 12-Step Guide To Building An Online Coaching Practice that retails on Amazon for $9.99

In the book, you will get the 7-steps you have already had and another 5.

Here’s what’s included for just $9.99: FREE

  1. Focus on the negative – seriously, you MUST and I’ll explain why
  2. Know your costs – something very few new coaches stop to think about
  3. Implement a strategy – it’s not rocket science
  4. Establish a niche – creates way more angst that it should for new coaches
  5. Build a client avatar – I give you the forms I use when working with clients that helps with your niche
  6. Buy an effective domain name – why EMD’s (exact match domains) no longer work
  7. Avoid these common website mistakes – 99% of coach websites I see make most of these – and I do mean, most.
  8. Install Google Analytics – it’s a simple task and you need to know what’s working
  9. Build your newsletter list – tips and ideas to get you rolling
  10. Learn sales – sales is not a dirty word, it’s a necessity to succeed
  11. Don’t forget about the offline world – online takes time, so if you’re in a hurry, do both
  12. Hire a coach – simply the quickest way to expedite your success bar none

There is information in here that I would have killed for 15 years ago.

Click here to open the book in a new tab where you can either read or download


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