Do you feel frustrated that you’re not further along with your coaching journey?

Do you feel like you weren’t readily equipped by your training company to attract well-paying clients?

Or, are you just about to set off on your new career path and realise that you should get your marketing ducks in row first?

If you answered yes to any of the above then woo-hoo baby, you’re in the right place!

The Fully Booked Coach course is designed for brand new coaches and those wanting to attract more paying clients.

More about the course

The Fully Booked Coach course

It’s a 12-week live interactive course that will be attended by a supportive cohort of only a dozen like-minded individuals.

It will condense and simplify the most useful, pertinent and relevant up to date marketing information that will help you to become a fully booked coach.

And it will be delivered by somebody with almost 38 years of marketing, sales and coaching experience.

That’s me, Tim Brownson, doing the delivering by the way. 

And no, that wasn’t a typo, I really am that old and have spent that long doing this shit.

“That’s all very nice Tim, but what’s included in The Fully Booked Coach Course?” You’re almost certainly asking yourself

Well, how wonderful that you are because here is the curriculum.

Next Course Starts: Sunday 9Th October 2022

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Understanding your core values

Your core values are not just the bedrock your coaching practice is built upon, they are the bedrock your LIFE is built upon.

Your core values give you your why and they must not be compromised if you want to become a fully booked coach.

Hundreds of coaches use my book The Clarity Method to help their clients figure out their core values, but not nearly enough use it on themselves first.

I will demo this incredibly powerful method on a course attendee whilst explaining the thought process behind every element.

What you will learn:

  • How to stay motivated if the going gets tough 
  • Why anti-values are just as powerful as core values but frequently get overlooked by coaches
  • The reason some people will make great clients for you and others not so much

Module 2

Figuring out pricing and packages

Your pricing should be based on what you need to maintain the lifestyle you require/desire and the value you can deliver to your clients.

My guess is that you’re undervaluing what you do and thus undercharging (or considering undercharging) your clients

What you will learn:

  • Why there is no such thing as a going rate
  • Whether you should charge monthly, or in packages
  • How to remove any limiting beliefs about what you’re worth

Module 3

Developing your niche

A niche will make you look like an expert and allow you to position yourself as the coach to hire for your ideal client.

It will also allow you to build relationships quickly and be able to charge more for your services.

Only as recently as 2018 (in other words, pre-pandemic) it was possible to survive and thrive as a coach without a niche. Not any more. 

What you will learn

  • A simple tool for helping you figure out your niche
  • Why it can be a mistake to choose a niche just because you know that sector intimately
  • The reason why the narrower your niche the more you can charge

Module 4

Building your client avatar (ideal client)

Knowing your client avatar (ideal client) makes writing newsletters, producing content and interacting on social media simple and straightforward.

It allows you to talk directly to the people who are most likely to hire you using the language they already use.

Almost every successful business the world over knows their client avatar, and so should you.

What you’ll learn:

  • The reasons successful companies spend millions on building their client avatar
  • Why just knowing the demographics of your ideal client is not enough
  • How this information will get you slap bang in front of your perfect client

Module 5

Establishing your brand

You’re smart enough to know your personal brand is important. 

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not there, not what you say about yourself. 

As such, you need to take control of your branding and craft a message that is consistent with your values and will talk to your niche and ideal client.

What you will learn:

  • Why a brand and a logo are not the same
  • What a ‘promise’ is when it comes to branding and why it is crucial in attracting more clients
  • The difference between branding and positioning and why you need to know

Module 6

Making sure your website converts traffic into clients

A beautiful looking website that is not designed to convert traffic into clients is like having a Van Gogh and hanging it in your basement. 

I almost NEVER look at a website belonging to a coach that hasn’t got multiple areas that can be improved upon to help them become fully booked. 

And frustratingly, much of the time the changes are simple and easy to implement…..if you know how.

What you will learn:

  • Why you should have a CTA (call to action) on every single page
  • Why you always need to be telling people what’s in it for them
  • How not to fuck up your contact page as most coaches do

Module 7

Using SEO (search engine optimization) to drive traffic to your website

A lot of coaches freak out at the thought of SEO because it all sounds super technical and difficult.

Well, if you wanted to compete in the hotel, insurance or porn industries, it absolutely is very technical and it is very difficult.

But the good news is the vast majority of coaches don’t bother with SEO so the competition is very weak and it’s not hard to start to rank on Google and generate clients.

What you will learn:

  • An easy way to rank locally in Google that most coaches don’t implement
  • A free way to find brilliant keywords for your niche
  • The quickest method for climbing the search engine rankings

Module 8

Growing and managing your newsletter list

Unlike with social media and traditional interruption advertising, the people on your newsletter list have given you permission to sell to them by signing up.

Consequently, they will be the lifeblood of your coaching practice and your most loyal clients prepared to hire you or buy from you again and again.

According to a recent report, people on your newsletter list are 8 times more likely to spend money with you than people who follow you on social media.

What you will learn:

  • What a lead magnet is, why you need a great one and how to compile one that adds genuine value
  • How often to email your subscribers and how frequently you should sell to them 
  • Why an autoresponder is critical and what one is

Module 9

Knowing how to tell stories that create interest and build desire

We like to think we are logical creatures basing our life decisions on calm objective rationale. We’re not. 

In reality, we decide whether to buy based upon emotions and then justify those buying decisions with rationale after the fact.

Stories allow us to tap into peoples’ emotions, build relationships and inform people whilst demonstrating expertise and building trust. Cool eh?

What you will learn:

  • How to use the AIDA framework to set up sales pages
  • The copywriting basics that most coaches get wrong
  • How to build your heroes journey so people start to see you as their hero

Module 10

Module 11

Selling is not a zero-sum game in which you convince people to buy products and services they neither want nor need. 

It’s about solving client problems and creating win/win solutions. 

The vast majority of coaches cannot sell and this is a very big deal because it’s not a coincidence that the vast majority of those coaches also aren’t even close to being fully booked. 

What you will learn:

  • How to become a master at overcoming sales objections utilising the skills you already possess
  • The right and wrong way to craft an efficient elevator speech
  • How to get testimonials and referrals that will convert website visitors into paying clients

Module 11

How to build your EAT (expertise, authority & trust)

EAT is crucial to your attempts to become a fully booked coach

If you cannot demonstrate EAT, nobody will hire you.

In this module, we will look at ways you can fast-track the process using social media and content creation.

What you will learn:

  • How to use other people’s audiences (ethically) to market to your ideal client
  • How to build a community full of potential clients
  • The biggest mistakes coaches make when it comes to social media

Module 12

Using the offline world to get clients more quickly

As recently as 2018 I was fine with my clients only using the online world to gain clients because that is all I ever use and I’ve done pretty well for myself.

But things have changed and it’s going to take you 12 months or more to establish an online presence that will bring in regular clients unless you have a fortune to spend on ads.

Fortunately for you, I had 20 years of experience in offline face-to-face sales before I became a coach in 2005 and can show you how to get clients that way.

What you’ll learn:

  • Literally, THE fastest way to get paying clients that’s ignored by 99% of coaches
  • How to use public speaking to get clients
  • Professional approaches to getting into the corporate sector

Next Course Starts: Sunday 9th October 2022

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Note: This course is NOT designed for more advanced coaches looking to take the next step. For that, I highly advise one-to-one coaching.

If you’re still interested but want to know more, check out the Course FAQs.

Course FAQs

When does the next course start?

Sunday 9th October at 4 pm BST (11 am EST, 5 pm CET). Then it runs at the same time in blocks of 4 (more to be advised – I just want you to have plenty of time to implement what you learn.

How much is it?

£1,399 if paid in full or 3 payments of £499

Will there be an early bird discount?

There will and of the 23 Coach the Life Courses I ran over 6 years that were the forerunner to this course (just not as good!), 21 sold out on the early bird.

Not only will there be an EBD as we call it in the trade (actually, no fucker calls it that, I just made it up), but there will be something very special for you eager beavers, keen Karens or pumped Pauls.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

That will be a flat no, sorry. I can only take 12 people on any one course and I try to keep costs to a bare minimum. If you’re not all in, then this isn’t the course for you.

How long are the sessions?

I aim for between 75 and 90 minutes. However, I don’t want people leaving a call unsure of aspects, so I leave time over for questions. As such I ask attendees to block out two hours whenever possible.

What if I cannot make every session?

That’s fine because all sessions will be recorded and you can catch up.

How do we meet?

Via Zoom 

I don’t even have a website yet, is it right for me?

Absolutely! Not having a website (presuming you are looking to get one) could potentially even be a good thing as you can avoid some pitfalls that many coaches fall into. Especially when they design their own site. However, the course probably isn’t right for you if you never intend to get a website.

Do I have to have a newsletter?

Not prior to starting, but a lot of what I do is based around using a newsletter, so if you never intend to get one much of the course’s value will be lost to you.

Is there support in between?

Yes. I set up a private Facebook group where you can ask me anything and talk with your fellow attendees.

Help! I have questions that aren’t covered here, what do I do?

You can email to ask away.

Or you can book a consult with Tim by clicking here. However, please be aware I cannot hold places open until after the consult, so you are rolling the dice with the latter.

Next Course Starts: 9th October 2022

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