I help coaches attract more paying clients with less stress, more fun and zero bullshit.

The Villa Pisani Labyrinth in Italy is listed as the most difficult maze to find your way out of in the world. And yes, remarkably, there are people who rate mazes for a living. There truly is a niche for everything.

Napoleon supposedly got lost in the Villa Pisani. And not because he was a short-arse who couldn’t see over the hedges. They’re 8 feet tall, nobody could.

The coaching industry is amazing, but it’s also a maze and can be incredibly frustrating. 

It’s full of dead ends, blind bends and the path to success is unclear. 

But, there’s a path to success as a coach in exactly the same way as there is a path out of a maze.

You just need to be smarter than Napoleon and hire a guide….or a coach.

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Having a coach who has done what you want to do gives you an unfair advantage.

But you know that already because you’re a coach, or want to be one.

You haven’t decided on a career in coaching because you’re not sure if coaching works, you know it does!

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The Fully Booked Coach Framework That Will Get You Clients – Guaranteed (almost/kinda)

In the spirit of the no bullshit headline at the top of the page I won’t pretend I can guarantee your success, I’m not a Wizard and nobody can do that.

But I can make it exponentially more likely.

The Fully Booked Coach framework that I use with my clients is a tried and tested process that I have been refining and tweaking since I started as a coach in 2005.

In other words, it has been proven to work time and time again when implemented with determination, conviction and commitment.

Not every coach passes through every stage and it’s not always a linear process, but it’s a process nevertheless.

There can also be additional stages or substages that can be slotted in depending on your individual needs and requirements.

The Fully Booked Coach 12-point framework


Understanding your core values

Your core values are not just the bedrock your coaching practice is built upon, they are the bedrock your LIFE is built upon.

Your core values give you your why and they must not be compromised.

Hundreds of coaches use my book The Clarity Method to help their clients figure out their core values, not enough use it on themselves first.

I will take you through it not only to help you understand what motivates and drives you, but so that you can then do the same for your clients.


Figuring out your pricing and packages

Your pricing should be based on what you need to maintain the lifestyle you require/desire and the value you can deliver to your clients.

It should be not based upon what you think the ‘going rate’ is because there isn’t one.

My guess is that you’re undervaluing what you do and thus undercharging (or considering undercharging) your clients. We will sort that out and remove any limiting beliefs holding you back.


Developing a niche

A niche will make you look like an expert and allow you to be more attractive to your ideal client, build relationships quickly and be able to charge more for your services.

Your niche is your ticket to standing out in a saturated marketplace. Without one you’re in deep trouble.


Building a client avatar

Knowing your client avatar (ideal client) makes writing newsletters, producing content and interacting on social media simple and straightforward.

It allows you to talk directly to the people who are most likely to hire you using the language or lingo they already use.


Establishing a brand

You’re smart enough to know your personal brand is important. 

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not there, not what you say about yourself. 

As such, you need to take control of your branding and craft a message that is consistent with your values and will talk to your niche and ideal client.


Having a website that converts

A beautiful looking website that is not optimised to convert traffic into clients is like having an original Van Gogh and hanging it in your basement. 

I almost NEVER look at a coaching website that hasn’t got multiple areas that can be improved upon to help the coach become fully booked. 

And frustratingly, much of the time the changes are simple and easy to implement….if you know how.


Using SEO (search engine optimization) to drive traffic to your website

A lot of coaches freak out at the thought of SEO because it all sounds super technical and difficult.

And it can be, but the good news is the vast majority of coaches don’t bother with SEO so the competition is weak and it’s not hard to start to rank on Google and generate clients.


Growing and managing a newsletter list

Unlike with social media and traditional interruption advertising, the people on your newsletter list have given you permission to sell to them by signing up.

And according to a recent report, people on your newsletter list are 8 times more likely to spend money with you than people who follow you on social media.


Telling stories that create interest and build desire

We like to think we are logical creatures basing our life-decisions on calm, objective rationale, but we’re not. We decide whether to buy based on emotions and then justify those decisions with rationale after the fact.

Stories allow us to tap into peoples’ emotions, build relationships and inform people whilst demonstrating expertise and building trust. Cool eh?


How to build your EAT (expertise, authority & trust)

People want to hire coaches they see as being experts and authorities in their field. And nobody hires a coach they don’t trust.

We will look at ways to use social media and content creation to rapidly build EAT for your business.


Effectively using sales, testimonials, and referrals to become fully booked

Selling is not a zero-sum game in which you convince people to buy products and services they neither want nor need. It’s about solving client problems and creating win/win solutions.

I spent 20 years working in sales at almost every level and I can show you how to sell effectively.


Using the offline world to get clients more quickly

It’s going to take you many months to establish an online presence that will bring in regular clients unless you have a fortune to spend on ads.

So using the offline world is critical to help you start bringing in clients sooner rather than later.

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The Fully Booked Coach 12-point Framework Isn’t Set in Stone

This is an adaptable framework designed to meet your individual needs. 

It’s not a rigid curriculum. The only reason we will ever use a cookie cutter together is if we decide to bake some cookies. 

It may be that you have certain areas nailed down already that we can skip. 

Or it may mean that you want to go deeper into elements such as SEO (search engine optimization), getting more granular with your newsletter, or building online sales funnels.

We can do that. As a coach, it’s my job to adapt to your wants and needs, not vice versa.

I’ve spent about £100k since 2005 on hiring my own coaches, taking courses and buying books on marketing.

In addition, I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading blog posts, listening to podcasts and watching videos filtering out what is useful for coaches so that my clients don’t have to

If I calculated my hourly rate at a measly £50 per hour, it probably means I’ve invested £250k in total.

Add that to the hundreds of hours of sales and coach training I’ve had over the last 35 or more years and I think you can see I’m in a unique position to help coaches who really want to become fully booked.

I offer three packages, with my VIP package being the one I recommend most strongly.

I don’t recommend this so you have to pay me the most money. Rather it’s because unless you’re well on your way then it’s probably going to take us that long to start to see things come to fruition. 

We’re building a business here, not assembling an Ikea wardrobe. In any case, that would take longer if you had me helping you.

Not that you can’t, or even won’t, start to see the results of our work together much sooner, just that it takes time to build consistency.

It also demonstrates your total commitment to becoming a fully booked coach both to me, but more importantly, to yourself and those around you.

Having said that, you may be on your way with many of the things I can help you with and a shorter period may be more appropriate. Or, you may want to sample working with me first before you fully commit to me being your coach and that’s totally fine.

VIP Package – £2,799

(Approx. 9-12 months)

Also available: An initial investment of £599* and then 6 x £399 monthly payments

If you are utterly committed to becoming a fully booked coach and making it a full-time career, then this is definitely for you because you get me (almost) unlimited.

I won’t just be your coach, I will be your partner and mentor.

You get my cell number (something I rarely give out) and you can call me with questions any time between 7 am and 7 pm, 7-days per week.

As well as covering the fully-booked coach framework from above, I can also offer help with:

  • Ensuring your copywriting is effective
  • Implementing an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that will have clients finding you rather than you looking for them

These services are only available with the VIP Package.

This package includes 19 x 1-hour sessions and unlimited email support. Sessions do not expire.

Bonus: To share your commitment, I will add an additional 2 bonus sessions to be taken at the end. They are not refundable.

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Platinum Package – £1,499

(Approx. 4-6 months)

Also available: An initial investment of £499 followed by £399 per month for 3 months

This will be ideal for you if you are already up and running to a certain extent, but struggling to take things to the next level.

With four to six months, we really get the chance to dive into the nitty-gritty of the fully booked coach framework and how it can be used to help your coaching practice.

This package includes 10 x 1-hour sessions.

Sessions can be used for up to 12 months.

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Taster Package – £599 £399 until February 14th

(4 x 1-hour sessions)

This package is great if you want to sample working with me before committing to a longer period and better still, there is a special offer that runs until Valentine’s Day.

You will get a taster of how I can help you become a fully booked coach and start to get a greater understanding of what you need to do moving forward.

I will still be doing a full intake with you to assess where you are in each area.

It is NOT designed for people looking to dive into one area and who want to get me for a fraction of my normal cost!

Note: I do not do a consult for this package and there are strictly no refunds once paid.

When you book and pay I will then contact you to arrange dates.

This package can only be booked once and is for new clients only.

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Core Values Package – £249

(1 x 75 mins)

An hour’s prep work for you to do beforehand

When we understand our hierarchy of values it makes decision-making exponentially easier, helps remove procrastination, and gives us a greater sense of clarity and purpose

This is why hundreds of coaches use The Clarity Method to help their clients make massive breakthroughs.

But The Clarity Method isn’t just for your clients, it’s for you too.

Not only can it give you all the benefits that it will give your clients, but it allows you to market your coaching services effectively, authentically, and with integrity.

Knowing your core values makes writing copy easier, allows you to effectively position yourself away from the competition, and helps you understand exactly who your ideal client is

But most importantly of all, it allows your ideal client to know who you are before they hire you.

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I’m very interested, Tim. What’s next?

You can click the button below if you’re interested in the platinum or VIP packages. This will give us a chance to assess whether we are a good fit for one another.

I need to know that I can help you and that I want to help you.

And by the latter part of that statement, I mean, that our values must be aligned – see stage one of the framework.

For example, I am more interested in adding value than earning money. For me, the former leads to the latter.

So, if you are only focused on income and not helping people, I’m not the right coach to help you with your marketing.

If after the consult, we both think we are a fabulous fit, then I will send you an invoice and my client intake forms.

I will also send you the calendar link that I only use for clients so you can book your first two or three sessions and we can look forward to kicking some major ass.

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