28 Amazing Life Coaching Niches You May Not Have Thought Of

Possibly THE most stressful part of setting up as a choosing a life coaching niche.

Whereas a niche isn’t an absolute prerequisite, to begin with – it does make branding and marketing a lot easier.

It also helps you to stand out in the crowd and with coaching super competitive that has never been more important.

And if that weren’t enough it also allows you to charge more as you are seen as an expert rather than a jack of all trades.

I ran a post almost 4 years ago after asking my readers for life coaching niches and I thought now may be time to do it again.

Take a look and see if anything inspires you.

All bios were written by the coaches themselves.

Life Coaching Niches

Meredith Hooke – The Meditation CoachMeredith Hooke Meditation Coach life coaching niche

I help people find peace and happiness in their personal and professional lives using the tools of meditation, mindfulness and understanding your brain. 

In my almost 20 years of experience as a meditator, I’ve found that all of our stress and unhappiness is self-created and comes from having an untrained mind; which means it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I teach you how to train your brain and mind to be more positive, calm, focused and resilient. 


I help them accept the past and accept themselves so they can move forward and find a happy and healthy relationship.

Liz scullyLiz Scully – The Mastermind Coach

I’m primarily a business strategy coach and the backbone of my business is working with clients in Mastermind groups. They’re so effective that I began to train people how to run their own. 

Masterminds are small teams that meet regularly, share information and set goals to be done by the next meeting. The concept is simple but the impact huge. Clients love them and they’re super fun to run.

Best of all they suit almost any kind of coaching or consulting work. 

I teach how to add them to your business in my flagship, 3-day Mastering Mastermind program. Once you learn the basic Mastermind Framework you’ll be well on your way to serving clients in a new effective format and adding a lucrative new income stream. 


michael steele coachMichael Steele – The Financial Advisors Coach

Systematize, organize, and replicate your business to better serve your clients and create more time for yourself.

As a business coach focusing on Financial Advisors, I work with my Advisor clients to help them understand their business from the ground up and work on their Systems.

My twenty years in the financial services industry gave me the insight that the top producers are the best at the fundamentals of the business. It is my job to continue to challenge them and be their mirror and sounding board.

For the advisors on the way up, the fun and challenge are working with them on their strengths and production, as well as keeping them on the path of building for the long

My experience in the financial services industry, five years as a college basketball coach, and a number of years as a professional caddie has taught me few things. If you never stray too far from the basic’s, paying attention to the details, or consistent practice, excellence and success will be yours for the taking.


Casey Ryan – The Transforming Addicts into Entrepreneurs CoachCasey Ryan

I work with recovering addicts who are ready to transform their career or step into entrepreneurship. People who are strong in their sobriety, but over time began questioning their purpose and capabilities of success. “Did I overcome so much, just to live a ‘normal’ life?”

With specialized coaching, recovery is taken to the next level by truly letting go of the past and creating an area of focus to find purpose.

Clients learn how to cultivate new relationships, build the entrepreneurial mindset and take strategic action to expand opportunities.

My own recovery experience provides insight into overcoming limiting beliefs. By breaking down barriers and encouraging curiosity I hope to uncover the recovering addicts’ greatest potential.


Jen Coken - CoachJen Coken – The CEO’s Coach

I help navigate the complex waters of being a CEO. I dive deep into what drives you and what you bring to the table to make you a better leader and help your teams and company thrive.

We will talk about things you can’t talk about with anyone else for fear of exposed, ridiculed or tossed out.

I will be your confidant, your ally, your biggest cheerleader and the biggest boot in your butt to make sure you achieve your goals.



Jennifer Letran Yuro – The Money Coach

I help professional women working from 9 to 5 pm to overcome their debt and build a healthier relationship with their money through my money mindset coaching and one on one personalized money program.

Currently, I am working as an Investor Services Administrator in an ASX Listed Company.

Before moving to Australia, I have worked in the Philippine’s largest commercial bank as a Sales Officer and Financial Wellness Ambassador for 8 years.

Through my work, I have taught topics about personal finance, stock market basics, retail bonds and investments.

Because of my passion to educate and help Filipinos in my country, I created my own financial business page in the Philippines.

After 8 years, I have decided to migrate to Australia and move with my husband.

Today, I continue to help professional women to become financially independent, educated and empowered.


Heather Moulder – The High Achievers’ Work-Life Balance Coach

I help successful (on paper) professionals who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled by their high-stress lifestyle to achieve balance without sacrificing their success.

As an executive coach and attorney who practiced law for over 18 years, I understand how career and life demands can turn what you were once passionate about into a daily grind. 

I help my clients cultivate a mentally resilient, calm mind and get clarity around what they want (and don’t want) out of their career so that they can redefine success for themselves from the inside-out.

Then, we work together to create strong personal and professional boundaries for a simpler, less complicated life and success that’s sustainable, fulfilling, and fun.


Jessica SweetJessica Sweet – The Midlife Career Change Coach

I help people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s find work they love and be successful in doing it.

As a coach and a licensed therapist, I help people dig deep to understand what they want and what’s holding them back so that they can figure out what’s next in their careers.

Then, together we figure out how to make their big goals happen in the world – and then they actually make them happen. 


Cathy TCathy Taughinbaugh – The Parents With Struggling Kids Coach

I work with parents of kids who are struggling with drugs or alcohol who want to stop feeling helpless, anxious, and worried so that they can feel in control and get their life back on track.

I want parents to get inspired about taking care of themselves which in the end helps their kids. I was introduced to a method that changed my life that parents can use themselves.

I’m committed to helping anxious parents feel more empowered so that they know they do have an influence over their child and can help them change in a positive way.


Joan SwineheartJoan Swineheart – The Young Adults Who are Unemployed Coach

I help young adults who are unemployed or underemployed redefine their focus, utilize resources and gain the confidence to launch their careers in a meaningful direction. 

Nearly 44% of college graduates are underemployed and working in jobs that don’t require a degree.  I’ve met young people with certifications/degrees who aren’t working at all and have no idea how to begin the employment process. 

You may have given up and are living at home with parents while you watch friends navigate adulthood successfully.

Through increased self-reliance and reflection, I help you narrow down the careers and businesses that align with your values.  You learn what works and what doesn’t as you breakdown this process and move forward.



Vik MittalVik Mittal – The Career Strengths Finder Coach

I am a Career Architect who helps unhappy Finance and IT professionals design fulfilling careers that offer more creativity, influence, and personal growth.

I believe that you don’t have to wait until retirement, win the lottery, or live in poverty to escape the grind of a soul-sucking job.

My unique approach to building a career using strengths and values has launched his clients into rewarding roles like a magician, a yogi, and a professor.


Carly Hamilton-JonesCarly Hamilton-Jones —The Dream Biz Coach

I help the high-achieving mom transform her “dream” business into a successful reality.

Overwhelm, self-doubt and perfectionism are obstacles to fulfilling goals. I guide women through mindset strategies, helping them create a plan to follow through and act on their ideas with courage and confidence.

I have 20 years of experience coaching, mentoring and teaching women and young adults to create lasting change, shift their thoughts and beliefs and lead purpose-driven lives.


Tony Yuile - hypnosis and life coachTony Yuile – The IBS Coach

I help people to break free of the heavy, debilitating, chains of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and take back control of their body – and their lives.

As a coach and clinical hypnotherapist, the key I use, to unlock the IBS chains, is gut focused hypnotherapy.

Decades of research has validated this form of hypnotherapy as a successful treatment that can greatly improve the quality of life for IBS sufferers. Success rates of 60-80% for a reduction in symptoms are common. Even better, the relief is long-lasting.

I tailor my IBS Hypnotherapy Programme specifically to the unique individual I’m working with.


Coach Jo LeeJo Lee – The Imposter Syndrome Coach

I help business owners and professionals overcome Imposter Syndrome and the problems that causes: stress and anxiety, long working hours, overthinking and difficulty sleeping at night.

Through one to one coaching, I help my clients recognize their successes and let go of their fear that others will discover they are a fraud. I help them build self-confidence and resilience and break free from the perfectionism that is often driving unhelpful behaviors so they can make more helpful choices that reduce their stress and exhaustion.

My clients leave their coaching loving their work again, able to switch off and relax, sleeping better at night and enjoying their life more as a result.


Riki Taubenblat – The Baby Sleep CoachRiki Taubenblat - The Baby Sleep Coach

I teach moms how to meet their baby’s sleep needs and get the whole family sleeping again.

Life with a baby can be overwhelming when the physical challenges of taking care of a new baby and recovering from childbirth are compounded by constant sleep deprivation.

Getting a baby to sleep doesn’t have to be a mystery – I do it every day!

I work with newborns, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, up till 4 years old. Having a baby who takes predictable, steady naps every day and sleeps 11-12 hours every night transforms the entire family.

Sufficient sleep is an absolute necessity and is the cornerstone for a healthy and well-rested mama and baby.


Anglea AndersonAngela Anderson – The Intuitive Business Coach

I work with high-achieving woman who know they are here for a bigger purpose—to serve the world with their gifts—but feel discouraged at how much time it’s taking to reach more people, grow their businesses, and make the impact they know they’re here to make.

As an intuitive, I’ve offered thousands of transformational readings and coaching sessions that have helped my clients double and triple their incomes, start or grow multiple-six-figure businesses, and live the spiritually rewarding lives their souls were longing for.

I developed the Soulful Success Formula, a unique combination of spirituality and proven business practices, that helps women like you share your gifts and be in service so you can make the money—and the difference—you are here to make. I hold the light for you until you can see it for yourself.


Stuart Simpson life purpose coachStuart Simpson – The Life Purpose Coach

Most people want to know that their life has meaning and significance…and it does.  The sad reality, however, is that the majority never discover what that is!  Schools never teach people how.  Churches never teach people how.  Employers never teach people how.  That is why I help empower people to discover their life purpose.

Using a unique and wholistic P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Profile™ based on the acronym P.U.R.P.O.S.E., I provide clients the 7 keys to unlock their life purpose and help them start living the life they have always wanted to live.


Divorce Coach - Terrie VanoverTerrie Vanover – The Divorce Coach

I help professional men come through divorce without being legally, financially, and emotionally devastated. But more importantly, I help men heal from toxic relationships so they can confidently transition into the next chapter.

I went through a horrendous divorce and made every mistake possible. I lost my marriage, my home, my health, my family, and my financial stability in a few short months. After I came though this, I learned how to not only avoid the common mistakes that people make during divorce, but I learned how to heal from divorce.

In my HEAL FROM DIVORCE MEN’S GROUP PROGRAM, I teach men how to navigate this overwhelming time more amicably with their ex- saving time, money and heartache. I teach them how to heal from unhealthy relationships and create healthy boundaries so they can confidently find the RIGHT partner in the next chapter who will truly love and appreciate them.

47 thoughts on “28 Amazing Life Coaching Niches You May Not Have Thought Of”

    • I have gone back and forth on this Catherine as I’m not really sure that stress management is a niche. Do you narrow down any further?

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’m a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, otherwise known as a Baby Sleep Coach. I help moms and dads meet their baby’s sleep needs- getting them onto a schedule, learning to sleep through the night and ensuring healthy daytime sleep as well. I work with infants from 4 weeks to 4 years.

  2. I’m just starting out and am working specifically with neurodivergent clients, which (for my purposes) includes those with neurological disorders (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Tourette’s, etc.), mental illness (anxiety, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, etc.), and/or traumatic brain injury. My goal is to work with neurodivergent people to help them embrace who they are and how their brains work so they can live happy, healthy lives without trying to adapt and fit in with a neurotypical society.

    • I like it Nicole. If you want to be included the instructions are at the bottom of the post. All I’d ask is that you leave TBI out as we already have a TBI coach.

  3. Hi Tim
    I provide IBS Hypnotherapy services to people suffering with IBS. This gut directed hypnotherapy helps sufferers reduce both the intensity and the frequency of the symptoms and improve the quality of their lives.

    • Happy to add you with that Tony. I have updated the post with the instructions at the very bottom.

  4. Hi Tim!

    I work with women who have survived a domestic violence relationship, whether it be from a partner or a parent, and whether it be emotional, verbal or physical abuse. I wouldn’t love the chance to shed more light around what I do.

  5. Dear Tim, I love this post idea and it is so inspiring to read about all the different niches. I am from Austria and my website is in German. So it does not really make sense to apply here, right?
    All the best

  6. Hi Tim,

    I’m a mental health coach, specializing in recovery from OCD. The coaching involves breaking their fears down and empowering them to face their fears to gain control over them.

    In the process of revamping my website.

  7. Hello Tim! I’m not sure if you are still accepting submissions, but here goes:

    I help women discover and define their personal core values; then help apply them to their life decisions.

    • So sorry Monisha, this got thrown in my spam folder and I only just saw it.

      I am still taking new submissions – I’m just not sure that core values is necessarily a niche. As you may know, I wrote a book on the topic and to me, it’s really a tool that helps us be more effective as coaches rather than being a niche per se.

  8. Hi Tim!

    I love your sites and am soaking up all the information I can. I’m seriously considering moving toward a career as a life coach. I write a blog currently about setting and achieving goals across 5 distinct areas of life. How does one go about trying to narrow down into a niche for life coaching?

    • Goal setting is probably a niche, so you could do that. Tricky to know without any more info. By and large, your niche should be the people you most enjoy working with.

  9. I am a Grief Coach. I help people experience their full potential for joy. Every time we experience a loss, we lose a piece of our heart. Feelings of grief are normal and natural. Unfortunately, most of us were not taught how to process sad, painful, or uncomfortable emotions in a healthy way. Consequently, we end up burying or suppressing our feelings.

    Over time these unprocessed emotions are wreaking havoc on our relationships, health, and robbing us of peace and joy. I teach a proven method to heal buried emotional grief.

    I share my story of growing up in an alcoholic home and the emotional challenges that ensued as a result. What do we do with intangible losses? Loss or normalcy, loss or safety, and loss of childhood are profound. I can help you heal and return to living from your heart.

  10. I am a grief coach and i specialize in complicated grief – when we experience multiple tangible losses in a short period. These tangible losses also uncover a host of intangible loses. I help my clients make sense of all the emotions and help them put them in perspective so they can start to integrate these losses in their life and build a new normal.

    • Super sorry Arwa, but I missed this for some reason. I’d be happy to include you. The instructions of what I need are at the bottom of the post.

  11. Hello Tim
    I would like to highlight my coaching profile. I am a career coach for millennials and I specialize in career growth, so mainly people between age of 25 – 40 (plus or minus) who have the aspiration to breakthrough supervisory, management and leadership roles. I have developed my programs based on a philosophy that I have personally experienced.

  12. Hello Tim,
    I started Blue Line Coaching to help spouses of Law Enforcement Officers. I have been an LEO wife for 13 years and after my husband of 15 years was diagnosed with severe PTSD I found there were very few resources and NO coaching specifically for the families and spouses helping to support their officers.
    I’d appreciate an opportunity to share my services.

  13. Hi Tim. I work with creative entrepreneurs who are interested in achieving success without giving up their creative control or personal integrity.

  14. Hi Tim,

    My name is Bonnie Mcvee and I am a life coach for women in mid-life transitions who are ready to pay attention to the opportunity available to truly live who they are and create a life that reflects that.

    My mission is to empower women to instill courage and ignite joy to thrive through midlife transitions. (Empty Nesters, Relationships, Divorce, Death, Parenting Adult Children, etc)

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Bonnie, I just took a look at your site – great use of photos btw! – but what you have isn’t really a niche, it’s way, way, too broad.

      If you just dealt with empty-nesters, or just coached women going through a divorce then I could say The Empty Nesters Coach or The Divorce Coach, as I have done with all the featured coaches. Does that make sense?

  15. Hi Tim, I recently joined your 7 Step Building a Successful Coaching Practice and my first email mentioned featuring niches of coaches, I would love to be considered.

    I am an emotional and narcissistic abuse recovery coach. As someone who has been in the same position as my audience, I created my new business to help those caught in the nightmare of toxic, emotional and narcissistic abuse, whether they are still in the relationship or not. I help victims to overcome the emotional trauma and CPTSD that results to varying degrees. I help clients to move from being a victim to a resilient survivor, creating a new beginning.

    • Not sure if you read my email from yesterday Cathy about using the ‘and’ word?

      Happy to use that, but I’d rather it be just Narcissistic Abuse Coach’

  16. Hi Tim,

    I am a fibromyalgia coach living in Alaska so I specialize in helping people who live in remote areas without access to specialists.

    • Which is it Nova?

      The moment you add another dynamic is the moment you no longer have a niche.

      All of those are legitimate, but not lumped together.

  17. Hi Tim,
    I’m a Spirituality Life Coach.
    I teach people to become connected to their intuition and spiritual guidance so they could awaken to their true spiritual nature, co-create their life with God/Spirit/the Universe and become passionate and more confident in their life and its direction and purpose.
    I hope you have a space for this niche.

    • read the instructions carefully and get everything to me Karen, although I’ll be dropping the word ‘life’ as I’d advise you to!

  18. Hi, I have am a body image coach that helps women and men with negative body images address the impact this has on their lives, their beliefs around themselves and work to make changes and set goals to improve body image and related areas of their lives.

  19. Hi Tim,

    My name is Camille, with my French cultural background I set foot in Spain over 25 years ago.. the last 12 in Catalunya area, near Barcelona. My domains exist for nearly 2 years now and I will finally make it ‘live’ within a month.

    I am a Coach for Home office individuals.

    I am a Team Coach for recently online working people, ie. empowering people from behind their screens, helping them to define this new normal professional life, opening space for them to consider their objective in this changing situation, highlighting what are their needs online and what they have lost along the way transitioning from inperson business to virtual presence, ie. landing the grief over the loss of this ‘other anterior life’.. and also these bit of social life that can be reset online and that is often skip (coffee time?)…

    I want to set up easy to integrate optional tools to take into account the best spot, body frame, light and so on.. as well as taking into account new parameter as neuronal fatigue (pixel and voice gap that force our brain to constantly complete sound, image and sensation behind the screen)… etc.

    Feeling happy and working on it!
    Must oblige for your time… Thank you!

  20. Hey Tim,
    First of all thank you for all of the great advice!
    I am a Self Image Coach. My passion and purpose is to inspire others by transforming their self image so they can live their best life personally and professionally.

  21. Hey Tim,
    First of all thank you for all of the great advice!
    I am a Self Image Coach. My passion and purpose is to inspire others by transforming their self image so they can live their best life personally and professionally.

  22. Hi Tim,
    I am a new Coach in training at Coach U. Women are gravitating to me who have low self-esteem, confidence issues, and a poor self-image. I am trying to decide if I want to call myself a women’s empowerment Life coach, a self-esteem life coach for women, or a confidence life coach. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My website has not been updated because I have not made this decision yet.

    • I’d drop life from the one you choose, it’s totally superfluous.

      And then I’d focus on what it is women are searching for is it better self-esteem or more confidence.

      You can always ask this in the Coach the Life Coach Facebook group and I’m sure you will get a lot of feedback from other coaches who are in similar fields



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