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I have had the privilege of being coached by Tim, a great individual with a no-nonsense approach and extensive expertise in marketing. Thanks to his guidance, I found the clarity and focus necessary to propel my coaching business forward. I highly recommend Tim for anyone seeking a coach who combines knowledge, direct communication, and tangible results.

Karen Gregg


I’ve been working with Tim for over a decade!  He always comes through with insightful, actionable, and up-to-date recommendations to move your business forward.  And he does so while remaining kind, supportive, and often amusing.  I’m always interested in what he has to say – if you have the chance to work with him it will be well worth it.

Dr. Kate Whimster BCom, ND  


I so appreciate Tim’s perspective as someone who has personally done exactly what he teaches coaches to do—meet their revenue goals. This group has allowed me to not only learn from a veteran, but also to tap into the collective wisdom of other coaches who are building their businesses with intention and commitment. 

Kelly Judd

Kelly Judd Psychodynamic Life Coach, member of the Fully Booked Coach Mastermind

"Working with Tim has been fantastic, he’s kicked me up the but a fair few times, but he does it in a kind and compassionate way.  

It was exactly what I needed and I’ve gone from 0 to 4 paid clients in the space of 3 months and more are likely to follow with my continued marketing campaigns. He’s clearly knowledgeable and is always on hand to offer support when you need it.  

If you want to be a fully booked coach then what are you waiting for?"

Nicole Sheppard


“Tim is a no-fluff, no-BS coach who isn’t afraid to (gently) challenge you to help you see why things aren’t working. He brings a clear mind, decades of experience and a dash of profanity (which I enjoy!) to every session, he also happens to be a great guy.

What I admire most is that he practices what he preaches, adding loads of value on his lead magnet, his newsletters and on his Facebook community.”

Mayar Mozaffari

F.A.I.L. Series

Tim is a freakin rockstar! After only a few sessions, I have excellent clarity on the areas that I need to be focused on in my coaching practice. Not only is he a deep well of knowledge and expertise, but he also has the unique ability of being blunt and yet respectful.

No matter where you’re at in your coaching practice, you will receive massive value from working with Tim. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Javier Lomeli

Brightview Coaching

"Tim has a way of bringing together a fantastic mix of coaches with unique perspectives who can shed light on what works and what hasn't worked, so by the time we're done with the calls I have a set of actions that will actually move the needle in my business." 

Mackenzie is a member of the Fully Booked Coach Mastermind

Mackenzie Holznecht

Running With Bacon

“If you, as a coach, are asking yourself, ‘how can I attract more clients to my website?’, you’ve come to the right place. Tim’s the real deal. No jargon, no gimmicks, Tim will give you the tools to maximize your online presence and be more visible in an overcrowded marketplace.

Added bonus? Tim’s personality. Aside from the solid knowledge that he teaches, Tim is generous with his time and his advice; you will get much, much more than what you paid for.

Mayda Poc

Mayda Poc Coaching

I was hesitant to book 4 more hours a month of “Learning” but I had been looking to connect and work with some other great Coaches… and Tim came through with this group. 

I am way better off than when I started and I have 17 years of Coaching experience!  Don’t wait as long as I did. Do NOT Hesitate. Jump in. I’ve been in it for about a year or so and hope it never ends! 

Donna is a member of the Fully Booked Coach Mastermind

Donna Stott

Your Coaching Matters

I have had 14 years experience as an accredited counsellor, therapist and board certified coach. I always felt like I missed the module in training that was all about the business and marketing. The reality is we are not taught the practical skills needed to successfully run ones own practice. Tim’s course filled the gaps beautifully and I think it would be hugely beneficial to any coach or therapist who is really ready to thrive professionally.

And by the way, I tuned in at 4.30 am on a Sunday morning to be part of the course not once but twice because I took it again. And I’m NOT a morning person.

Justin Miller


Tim is a fantastic coach to work with.  He provides great insight into marketing, client acquisition strategy and social media to ensure they were aligned and marketable.  While working with Tim, I increased my followers and acquired my first paying client. 

As a coach, he listens to my needs and helps me set actionable, accountable goals to help me progress in my business. I highly recommend working with Tim to increase your client base.

Christine Errico

Christine Errico Coaching

When I started working with Tim, I felt like I was spinning my wheels with marketing. It was kind of like throwing darts at a dart board. I didn’t have a coherent plan and was never sure where to place my energies.

Tim brought structure and wisdom to my chaos. Helping me to create a plan and as importantly, to understand the deeper “why’s” behind the direction we co-created.

In addition to the mechanics and structure of my marketing plan, Tim has always offered astute and insightful feedback on my marketing copy. He’s very responsive in between sessions and you can feel that he genuinely cares about your success.

If you are looking to grow your coaching business, you’ll be glad you hired Tim.

Gregg Berman

In Connection With Nature

“Tim was the perfect coach to see things in me and my business that could be changed and built differently. Tim showed me how my website was working for me and how we could improve it. He challenged my thinking, my attitudes, values and beliefs and it all helped a lot.

Now when people approach me for coaching I have a new confidence and flow and it has led me to selling higher priced packages that offer more value to the client. If you are already successful in your coaching business but you need a coach to help you see how to reach the next level I highly recommend Tim.”

Scott Epp

Abundance Coaching

“Tim says it how he sees it and he owns it (and has the facts to tell you why). I absolutely LOVED his values system process, something I feel is critical to the foundation of any coaching practice (and life actually). I found his science based approach, his facts vs. beliefs attitude and his no sugarcoating sense of communication inspiring.

My work is more in the field of what he may call ‘woo woo’ (I marry scientific based coaching with art and intuitive/spiritual practices), nonetheless Tim was very respectful. Overall I found the course to be insightful and fresh. I highly recommend it to anyone in the field of helping others, especially if you are new to coaching or in need of a good reality check in your practice :)”

Debbie Deupree

Debbie Deupree Life Coach

“Tim’s a coach’s coach. He has solid experience behind everything he teaches you and can back up his lessons with real life examples, experience and research.

His 12 week coaching  course gives you all the tools you need to succeed, including the confidence to start your own practice.

The calls are highly educational, feel like you’re getting hours upon personal coaching advice with Tim, and will give you all the tools you need to get clients and start coaching.”


Vishnu's Virtues

“If you are looking to become a Life Coach or looking to grow your already Life Coach business, I would strongly recommend that you take Tim’s Coach the Life Coach course. Tim covers everything from aligning with your values and asking the important coaching questions to the importance of a good website and using social media.

Taking the course will also grant you access the Members area, which I am finding very valuable as I begin my coaching practice. I’m definitely glad I decided to take the course and would suggest this training to all that are interested in becoming successful Professional Life Coaches!”

Kristi Battalini

Fuel The Beast Nutrition
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