The 30-Day Coaching Challenge (it’s all about commitment)

If you don’t want the blah, blah, blah, and are just itching to join me and a bunch of committed coaches like you, then here you go:

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Note: if the sign up gives you any problems, email and let me know because the PayPal button is acting very flakily under certain circumstances.

If you want to know more, then read on Grasshopper.

Getting your clients commitment is probably your single most important task as a coach.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit and our natural inclination is to do fuck all whenever possible.

There are great evolutionary reasons for this.

It requires less energy to do nothing.

It’s normally safer – at least in the short term.

And it’s nice and comfy – hence the expression comfort zone.

But to grow as individuals we need to expend energy, take some risks and be ok with discomfort.

Plus, it feels great when we know we have done those things and pushed ourselves.

mount everest

Well, Look at You On Top of the World!

Imagine you’re standing on top of Mount Everest.

It’s glorious sunshine and you’re staring down at the world below, exhausted from your long climb, disappointed you forgot your camera, but deliriously happy nonetheless.

Your fabulous achievement is the culmination of 12-months of getting up at 5 am every morning to train on your fitness.

Sleeping every night in a tent in your garden through the winter

And a year of abstaining from crap food and alcohol.

You’ve also invested $10,000 in travel and equipment and you’ve now been away from your family for 2-months.

Is it worthwhile?

Or, would it have felt better to have won a competition to fly to Nepal and then be flown to the top of Everest on a helicopter?

Don’t get me wrong, that does sound fucking amazing and please do sign me up!

But which will give you the most satisfaction?

With the first option, you demonstrated massive commitment and that will make you feel amazing about yourself.

In the second scenario, you merely got lucky and then turned up.

When people hire you to coach them they are demonstrating a certain amount of commitment.

Handing over several hundred, or even several thousand dollars/pounds/euros, displays some commitment to change.

But as a coach you know that’s not enough.

Plenty of people have unused gym memberships, books that will never get finished and online courses that weren’t even started.

You need more from your clients than their money to show you they’re fully invested in the process.

If I asked you now how committed are you to your coaching success on a scale of 1 – 10, what would you say?

If 1 = I’m not even sure why I’m reading this post, to be honest. I was just hoping for some tips on getting rich quickly.

And 10 = Nothing will stop me, baby! And I do mean nothing. My success is not just written but painted and chiselled into the stars.

Think about it.

What’s your answer?

More to the point, what answer will you take from your client?

1-7, you’re totally fucked, don’t take their money.

And if that’s you, then you will be an ex-coach before you have time to say ‘do I need ICF accreditation?’

If you get an 8 from a client, you probably have a problem.

If you said 8 then you really need to understand what stops that from being a 9 or 10 and what you can do NOW to bridge that gap.

9 is the lowest I’ll take.


I’ve done in excess of 1,000 consults and worked with hundreds of clients and that experience has taught me that anything less than 9 is a big fat red flag

I’m hoping you’re a 9 or a 10 because you will need that to succeed in such a competitive industry

30-day challenge

The 30-Day Coaching Challenge

If you want to use that commitment to make 30 days of change, then I’d like to have you join me for the first-ever 30-day Coaching Challenge.

I will be running a Facebook coach starting on November 1st for dedicated coaches like you who will commit to a daily action to move their coaching practice forward.

It’s not for lurkers and those who expect others to do the work for them and who expect to succeed based on some weird theory of osmosis.

Nor is it for people who want free all the time and are not prepared to invest in themselves.

There will be a cost, but for the first one, that cost will be minimal.

It will be £52.

And for that you will get: 

  • 30-days of support, help, and encouragement from your fellow coaches
  • 30-days of support, help, and encouragement from me – tag me in the group and I’ll be there for ya!
  • 30-days of action that WILL move you forward
  • A free copy of The Clarity Method (Kindle or PDF)
  • 2 live webinars (get to jump on a call with me and your fellow coaches to help maintain that progress) – Times TBC

Click Buy Now to commit.

Note: A handful of people are having trouble with this PayPal button. If you want to join but it’s causing you some problems just email


[wpecpp name=”The 30-Day Coaching Challenge” price=”52.00″ align=”center”]


*Don’t be silly, there really isn’t a 30-day payment plan.

All of that for less than 40-litres of petrol, or 40 gallons of gas for my American friends.

And you will go further in these 30-days than you ever could on less than a full tank of fuel because….

gas station

We’re Gonna Build You a Gas Station

A gas station of commitment.

That’s a really lame metaphor, but it makes the point.

I will need something from you though.

Can you guess what it is?

If you said no, I’m worried about you.

Seriously I am.

But I think you know really.

It’s fucking COMMITMENT.

I don’t want you sending me your money and not posting in the group.

Actually, feel free to send me any money you like, the more the better, but I’d rather you get something in return.

I will want you to post what it is you commit to doing during the month of November and to regularly post updates.

As long as it will start to build some momentum for your coaching practice and it doesn’t involve anything unethical I don’t really care what it is, I will support you.

Here are some examples of what you could commit to:

  • Record a video every day to post on social media (I’m at day 25 of 30 doing that at the moment).
  • Make one phone call to somebody who may know somebody who may want your amazing coaching
  • Write 500 words per day – it could be copy for your website, a section in a book you have planned, a blog post, a newsletter, whatever you want that will move you forward
  • Email 5 people per day via social media to start building a relationship
  • Read 5 blog posts per day that will help you become a better coach and/or marketer

I don’t really want commitments that are not going to help your coaching practice.

Having said that, if you know meditating every day makes you more likely to get shit done, then commit to it!

You don’t have to update every day, but you can if you want.

But I do want you to post your achievements.

And just as importantly, I do want you to post if you’re struggling, or want the groups (or my) support.

Similarly, I want you to help others, if and when you can. 

Click Buy Now to commit.

Note: A handful of people are having trouble with this PayPal button. If you want to join but it’s causing you some problems just email


[wpecpp name=”The 30-Day Coaching Challenge” price=”52.00″ align=”center”]

Go and sign up and I will be in touch to tell you where to take your committed self to!

November is going to be the month of much kick-assery!

If you have any questions or comments, please pop them below.

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