Why You Don’t Have The Success You Want (And What To Do About It)

Chris Gaskill is the first person since Coach the Life Coach was launched who has contributed a guest post.

Not because he asked me if he could, but because I asked him if he would.

And the reason I asked him was because was (and still am) getting increasingly frustrated at seeing new coaches half-ass what is their single most important attribute when it come to online client acquisition.

All my marketing is done online and it is ALL aimed at driving traffic to my website.

From there it is the job of the website to convert the people on to my newsletter list.

It’s not set up to get them to hire me (although that option is always left open) because hiring a coach is seldom an impulse decision and it usually requires building trust first.

I want people on my list so that I can start to add value and build up the kind of relationship that should they ever feel they have a need to hire a Life Coach, I’m hopefully, the first person they think of.

One of the reasons I brought Chris into do both of my sites and spent a LOT of money is because the efficacy of the older sites was in decline.

Good salespeople who are busy closing deals do not wait until their sales funnel is empty before they start trying to top it up again – it’s an ongoing process.

It would have been dead easy to have said, “You know what, I’m busy, everything is tickety-boo, let’s keep the money in the bank and ride it out another year.”

Unfortunately though, if you’re established and you wait until the slide starts before taking action, it’s very difficult to arrest that slide. Just ask the newspaper industry and brick and mortar book selling stores.

From a business perspective, my websites are the most important aspects of my success – and it’s not a coincidence that I get almost daily positive feedback on them.

As I say, I asked Chris to write this post when I heard what he was up to (more further on).

I am NOT an affiliate. I do NOT stand to gain from this financially in any way shape or form.

I’m doing it for two reasons, maybe three.

1) I trust the guy implicitly – he over delivers and knows his shit.

2) I want any coach who either joins Coach the Life Coach or just reads my blog to be successful. I want to buck the trend of coaches struggling as much as I feasibly can.

3) I feel great doing it, knowing that it has the potential when tied into a successful business strategy to put clear blue water between you and your competition.

And that last part is paramount.

As a Life Coach, the last thing you can afford to do is to blend into the pack, because it’s a rather large pack.

And I hope he want mind me saying this, but I actually asked Chris to become a partner in Coach the Life Coach.

I tell you that for one reason only, to demonstrate the confidence and regard I have for the guy.

Sadly for me, he has other plans, but they may help you.

One final thing, honest! In his seminal book ‘The E-Myth Revisited’, Michael Gerber talks about working on your business and not in your business.

This is pretty much what Chris is talking about. You need to be spending plenty of time working on it, and not just in it, because with the latter you’re responding and not planning.

Now after the worlds longest blog intro, over to Chris.

Why You Don’t Have The Success You Want (and What To Do About It)

It’s ok, you can admit it.

Becoming a successful life coach is hard.

Of course, just being self-employed in the first place is hard. You work your tail off, but you’re still not seeing your business turn into the success that you envision.

You might start to think, “What am I doing wrong?”

You then begin to go over it in your mind, “I’m a hard worker. I’m trying to put out great value into the world. Why is this so difficult?”

Maybe you begin to come up with excuses. The job market is still really tough. Lots of people are still struggling. And there are seemingly new life coaches popping up every other minute, adding more and more competition.

It’s ok to feel stuck or frustrated, for a time. Getting to the end of your rope is where great changes can start to occur.

Of course, you already know that; you’re a life coach!

And you also know that if you’re committed to success, simply staying stuck in neutral isn’t going to cut it.

You have to start figuring out the answer so you can finally throw your business, and your life, into drive and start cruising down that ocean-side highway with the top down.

Now you might say in response, “That all sounds well and good, but I can’t turn the economy around! And I certainly can’t stop more new people from becoming life coaches!”

But what if the issue wasn’t your effort, your competition, or the state of the world?

What if your issue was being a poor manager?

You Are The CEO of You, Inc.

You might think of yourself as self-employed, but a better way of looking at it is being the CEO of your own company.

There are lots of hats to wear in any business, whether we’re talking about a giant Fortune 500 company all the way down to You, Inc.

For example, no matter what, you need an accountant to help you with taxes.

You might wear that hat and do it all using TurboTax and Quickbooks, or you might have a professional accountant help you out when tax season rolls around (does tax season ever really end when you’re self-employed?)

Then there’s marketing and sales, customer support, administration, and so on. Typically you’ll be wearing most, if not all, of these hats, or so you think.

The Employee Holding You Back

As the CEO of You, Inc., you probably wouldn’t hire the acne-riddled teenager flipping burgers at Mickey D’s to run your marketing and sales department, right?

Of course not; besides, you’re the sales and marketing department yourself!

Or are you?

Think about this: your website is basically comparable to the inside of a brick and mortar store.

It should have a certain branding that is in-line with what the store sells, have the product on display, and be helpful to customers trying to shop.

What most people fail to truly accept, even if they know it on a logical level, is that their website is ALSO their marketing in addition to their store.

Maybe not all of it; you can certainly get out there on social media, write guest blog posts, and use a few other tools at your disposal.

However, your website is first and foremost your biggest advertiser, and it absolutely is the biggest part of You, Inc.’s marketing and sales department.

And since your website both advertises your business as well as serves as your store, it is inextricably linked to you.

So if you have a website that you paid your neighbor’s kid a few hundred dollars to put up for you, exactly how professional do you expect people to take you when they come across your site?

When you’re not seeing the success you want in your business, take a look at your website.

Now, are you still SURE you didn’t hire that pimpled teenager to run your marketing and sales department?

Stepping Into The Manager’s Role

Just how important is your website to your business?

Studies are showing up to 94% of web searchers say that the number one thing they care about and pay attention to when visiting a website is design.

We also know from other studies that you have less than 5 seconds to make an impact that gets people to stick around once they land on your site.

This essentially means 19 out of every 20 people decide in under 5 seconds, based on the feeling they get when they look at the design of your site, whether it is worth even sticking around or not.

If people were blown away by the design of your site, what would happen?

For Tim, it meant his conversion rate tripled in the first week after we launched the new A Daring Adventure design.

What would tripling your conversion rate do for your business?

So if you did make the mistake of hiring that teenager to run your marketing department, it’s time to step up as the CEO and start managing your company better.

You’re going to need to fire that high-schooler and replace them with the sharp-dressed ad executive who drives a Beamer around town.

Otherwise, you’re looking at only 1 in 20 even bothering to take a second glance at your website, with almost no hope of converting them into dollars in your pocket.

But Professional Websites Are So Expensive!

I know, I know. Professional websites ARE expensive. It can be really hard to get one when you’re already not seeing the success you want.

I know this because I charge a lot of money for websites.


But just like Tim, I really enjoy working with life coaches. Well, at least the serious ones, because I’ve gone through coaching myself and have also worked on a number of websites for coaches.

Currently, I’m in the middle of expanding my operations and bringing in more people.

And for a very limited time, I’m looking for a small number of life coaches who need awesome, high-quality, and most importantly high-converting websites who are willing to work with me as we test out all these changes and go through training the new additions.

In exchange for this help, I’m offering an absolutely massive deal on your website that is incomparable to anything else you could find on the web with the same level of quality and service.

Being The Best CEO You Can Be

When you know all the “employees” of your business are top notch and working hard for you, your business has the best chance of success.

But if you’re just hiring the cheapest labor, you have to expect that your results aren’t going to be what you want.

You’ll be constantly trying to overcompensate for their shortcomings and working over-time to fix all the mistakes they shouldn’t be making in the first place.

In the end, no matter how hard you work and how much you do to try to overcome it all, you’ll be dragged down. In today’s internet-connected world, where all your business as a life coach primarily comes from people on the web, there is simply no escaping the perils of a bad website.

Instead of struggling day after day, month after month, and year after year, I’d love it if you all made 2015 the year that your start seeing true success with your life coaching practice.

My wish is to see all of you reading this become the best CEO’s of You, Inc. that you can be, and to finally start to take that drive with the top down alongside a gorgeous blue ocean.

If you’re ready for that, click here to take a look at our special offer.

Image Courtesy of Scott Schiller

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