The Fully Booked Coach Group Coaching (sold out)

I love one-on-one coaching.

I’ve seen hundreds of my clients have thousands of breakthroughs since I started full-time coaching way back in 2005

Equally, I have had scores of breakthroughs of my own working with the coaches I have hired over the last 15 or more years.

But I understand that not everybody can afford to hire their own coach.

Or, they may prefer engaging and developing with the help of others by means of group coaching.

One of the most significant breakthroughs I ever had was on a mastermind I attended in Fort Lauderdale in 2016. It profoundly changed how I work and skyrocketed my success with my coaching business.

This is why I have a couple of masterminds that I run – it’s a different dynamic.

The first ever Fully Booked Coach Group Coaching is now sold out.

Starting in January 2024, I will introduce group coaching for the first time.

And I’m more excited than a Pointer Sister who just can’t hide it.

From Friday 12th January at 3 pm UK time (10 am EST), I will be hosting twice monthly group sessions for eight coaches eager to make 2024 the year they truly commit to getting coaching clients.

We will meet twice a month for up to two hours, respectively, with two distinct elements to the training..

The Mastermind Element

In this meeting, everybody will get at least 15 minutes to ask a question about a problem they want help with.

If the question is subjective, I will ask the group if they want to offer their own feedback.

If the question is more of the objective variety that I can answer, then I will do so. However, your input will still be welcomed.

You won’t leave any of these monthly calls without an answer to something that has been holding you back and/or action steps to take.

As per any mastermind, some people will need a little longer than others, so the 15-minute time is nominal to ensure the meeting doesn’t run over.

The Group Coaching Element

On this monthly meeting, we will focus on one specific topic such as:

  • Branding (what is it, how do you use it to help you get clients)
  • Copywriting (how can you use it to build loyal followers)
  • SEO (how to rank in Google without paying!)
  • Niching (how do you find and form a valuable niche)
  • Core values (why is knowing your own crucial to your success)
  • Sales (why does every coach need to know how to sell)
  • Social media (how to see and be seen on social media)

I will give a 60-90 minute slide presentation (or demo in the case of the core values) and then open things up for a discussion and Q&A

All Calls will be recorded, whether mastermind or group coaching, and you can listen after if you want to replay a call, or if you were unable to make one session.

The Bonus Facebook Group Element

Apart from the twice-monthly meetings, there will also be a dedicated Facebook group for members.

Here, you will get the opportunity to share information, post homework if and when applicable and ask me questions in between meetings.

Cool, eh?

To hire me one-on-one for four hours per month would cost you well over £6,000 per annum.

And that wouldn’t get you access to a members-only Facebook group, either.

The group will be meeting 20 times until October 2024.

There will be a subscription fee of just £399 and a monthly fee of a measly £149.

If that doesn’t scream, buy now! at you, then I don’t know what does.

Except maybe. for this……..

The Early Bird Offer – SOLD OUT!

If you were to ask people on either of my masterminds if I can deliver the above value, then they would answer a resounding YES!

Only last week Alice Graves announced to one mastermind that she was not only fully booked but also telling people there was a wait list for consults!!!

In fact, half of the places for this course were immediately snapped up by people on my masterminds, so I must be doing something right, right?

In fact, at the time of writing (November 5th, 2023), only two of the eight places are available.

Even so, I am running an early bird until Sunday, 11th November or until (as is far more likely) the remaining places have been taken.

As I already said, the full price when I launch in the unlikely event there will be any places left will be the £399 subscription fee and then a monthly cost of £149.

But for the early bird, this will be trimmed like a succulent Turkey on Thanksgiving.

Note: No turkeys’ were hurt in the making of this fantastic offer.

As such, you can sign up for

Subscription = £250 (due on joining)

Monthly fee = £99 (Starting on January 1st and runs until October 1st 2024)


As I say, six places have already been taken, and I will not be doing consults for this.

The price is too low, and I’m too busy to block out an hour (which I always need with a buffer on each side of a call).

So, if you’re ready to dive in because you already know the value I will deliver, and you’re eager as fuck.

Then, you can pay the subscription fee using this PayPal button.

This payment reserves your place on the course, and then you will be billed £149 £99 monthly from January 1st.

The payment is only refundable if I cancel the course or decide that the course isn’t right for you.

After signing up, you will get an automatic payment receipt from PayPal and an individual email welcoming you from me.


Hurry Up!

If you want to ask any questions that aren’t answered on this page, then you are more than welcome to email me at

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